Police kill Pit bull after dog fight

Police kill Pit bull after dog fight
Tommy Jones
Tommy Jones
Councilman Charles Jones
Councilman Charles Jones

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - Two people narrowly escaped a Pit bull attack in Sylvester. Now they're talking about the whole ordeal.

Charles and Tommy Jones said they did what they could to avoid being attacked by a Pit bull, and also to save another dog's life.

City Councilman Charles Jones and his son Tommy say they were looking at property in the area Wednesday when they saw a Pit bull attacking another dog.

"That little dog was very defenseless and could not protect itself," said Jones.

Charles Jones says a man was walking his dog down the street when the two Pit bulls came around. They say only one was in the fight here at Willingham and Carter Road.

"He didn't bark but he had his teeth showing and he was in attack mode," said Jones.

To separate the two dogs, Tommy Jones stepped in to help with a tool from his truck.

"And [I] come down just as hard as I could, just like that, [with] the bland of this stick across his back two or three times, and it did not phase him one bit. He didn't even look up," said Jones.

He said eventually someone was able to control the Pit bull.

"The man that owns the Pekingese took the chain from the Pit bull and wrapped it around the stop sign," said Jones. That stopped him long enough to pull his dog away."

Jones said the Pit bull was so strong, that it was able to get away.

"When [the dog] broke loose from the stop sign, that's when he came after my father," said Jones. "And my father jumped in the truck just in time, avoiding being bitten by the dog."

Charles and Tommy Jones left and called Sylvester Police and Animal Control. They said the Pitt bull was shot and killed by a Sylvester Police officer at the scene, because it was aggressive and charged at the officer.

Councilman Jones said Sylvester has a dangerous dog ordinance that he wants to tighten.

"I'm going to recommend the council look at it, and see if has enough teeth in it to protect our citizens," said Jones.

Animal Control said they are trying to locate who the dogs belong to. They also said the Pit bull was listed as a stray dog because it had no form of identification.

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