Viewpoint: Graceway Recovery Center

Viewpoint: Graceway Recovery Center

Graceway Recovery center in Albany now offers group sessions for family members and friends of addicts.

The six week program is designed to help families cope with a loved one's addiction.

"Watching them die slowly, sometimes quickly, it's a very painful thing. And there are better ways than others to handle that situation and that's what these groups are for because a lot of people are suffering from addiction who might not be the addict," said Andy Martin.

The program will teach families and friends how to create a positive environment and help stop the cycle of addiction.

And it's not just for families of alcoholics or drug addicts.

Training will also be offered to families of people with eating disorders or any other addiction.

This is an encouraging step for so many South Georgia families who feel helpless in watching loved ones struggle.

Graceway serves an important role in our community as a center to help women struggling with addiction, and this additional outreach will help our community address the growing disease of addiction.

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