Fire Prevention Week: How to escape a house fire

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - When a fire breaks out you only have seconds to make life saving decisions.

"We're creatures of habit so chances are we're always going to do the same thing, we get in to the same routine so if something happens that what we're gonna do," Albany Fire Inspector Laurence Cargile said. "So, it's always important to practice getting out all the exits in your home."

That means two ways out of every room such as a window or door.  Cargile recommends creating an exit and accountability strategy, even getting out of bed can impact your path to safety.

"You shouldn't just stand up an immediately rush outside," Cargile continues. "You should actually roll out of bed into the floor."

Then crawl out to avoid inhaling fumes.

"One breath of that can immediately disorient you and possibly render you unconscious, so the thing we always tell people is that what kills you before the fire ever touches you is the smoke and the toxic gases," Cargile said.

Fire officials say sleeping with the doors closed helps delay smoke traveling to your room--setting off your alarm, giving you time to escape.

'Every way out is potentially a means to save your life," Cargile said.

Remove furniture and objects away from windows and doors. And always check the batteries in your smoke detector. These simple steps be a matter of life and death.

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