Lake Blackshear draw down begins in November

Lake Blackshear draw down begins in November

WARWICK, GA (WALB) - Lake Blackshear residents may notice lower water levels starting in one month. Officials will begin a one week process of dropping the lake level by three and a half feet on November 1st.

It will remain at this level until the middle of December. Residents are asked to take advantage of this time with lower water levels.

"The importance of draining the lake or lowering the lake down 3.5 feet is so people that have property out here, structures like docks or sea walls, can perform minor maintenance on their structures and sea walls," said Greg Sims of the Crisp County Power Commission.

Levels in the middle of the lake will appear the same, but residents in the coves will have much less water. The lake is lowered every two years.

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