Cracker Barrel employees help raise reward in murder case

Cracker Barrel employees help raise reward in murder case

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - Another south Georgia homicide remains unsolved, even after investigators followed 150 leads. The reward in the Ashley Garry murder case has increased to 15-hundred dollars.

Ashley Garry worked at the Cracker Barrel in Cordele for more than 5 years. Her co-workers had a bake sale to raise money to help find the person who killed her.

One month after 27-year old Ashley Garry was shot to death in her Crisp County mobile home, her co-workers haven't moved on from her death.

"They're coming through it but we'd still like to have that closure. It takes time to heal, ya know," said General Manager Ed Rekau.

In an effort to speed up that time, her co-workers decided to have a bake sale to add money to the reward the Sheriff's office had already offered.

"They went out and sold the baked goods trying to raise money and we raised $500 to apply to the reward for somebody coming forward," said Rekau.

Investigators have followed up on 150 leads, but they have not found anything that helps.

"We have not developed many leads that are credible from the 150 leads that we've run down," said Crisp County Sheriff Billy Hancock.

Sheriff Hancock hopes this reward will spark new public interest in the case, but says locating a stolen TV may be the biggest thing in the case.

"As we mentioned early on there is a tv missing. Somebody should have possession of a TV that we think was taken out of that residence that can help us with who murdered Ashley Garry," said Hancock.

Talking about Garry reminds co-workers of what kind of friend and worker she was.

"She's just done a super job. She was raising a child by herself. She was a single mother and was ideal type of employee that you'd want to have," said Rekau.

This is just a small way they're saying thank you.

Sheriff Hancock wants people to know that you can remain anonymous and still receive the reward if you lead them to an arrest in the case.


will take you to the anonymous tip page on the sheriff's website.

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