Voters rally for Senate and Gubernatorial candidates in Perry

Voters rally for Senate and Gubernatorial candidates in Perry
David Perdue at Republican Rally
David Perdue at Republican Rally

PERRY, GA (WALB) - The candidates held rallies in Perry this afternoon and their supporters helped fire them up for the debates.

Supporters for Republican Candidate David Perdue wore their Perdue T-shirts and held up signs outside the Go Fish Education Center in Perry. Perdue was accompanied by his cousin and former Governor Sonny Perdue. Supporters believe Perdue will help lower taxes and provide more religious freedom.

"They're different, they're going to push our agenda through much better than anybody else," said Bill Pool, Perdue/Deal Supporter.

"David Perdue is not an ordinary politician and we're taking him on his word to go in and do what he said he's going to do, build the country back up, get these jobs," said Sharon White, Perdue/Deal Supporter.

Governor Nathan Deal and 8th District Congressman Austin Scott from Tifton were also there to talk to people and ask for their votes in their re-election bids.

The Democrats also held a rally this afternoon at one of the entrances to the fairgrounds.

Jason Carter and Michelle Nunn addressed the crowd that chanted their support. The candidates also shook hands and took pictures with voters who were happy to meet their candidates.

"Jason will change the education system which Georgia is the 50th in the Union in terms of education," said Peg Malony, Nunn/Carter Supporter. "Michelle is a person that is going to bring both sides together which is something that we absolutely need.

"Jason Carter and Michelle Nunn are going to work with refugee to get a good job for all citizens," said Amina Osman, Carter/Nunn Supporter.

Democratic Ag Commissioner candidate, Chad Irvin, was also there and democrats showed their support for other statewide candidates.

Remember election day is November 4th. Early voting starts next Monday on October 13th.

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