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Senate and Gubernatorial candidates debate in Perry

Michelle Nunn, (D) Senate Candidate Michelle Nunn, (D) Senate Candidate
David Perdue, (R) Senate Candidate David Perdue, (R) Senate Candidate
Jason Carter, (D) Gubernatorial Candidate Jason Carter, (D) Gubernatorial Candidate
Governor Nathan Deal Governor Nathan Deal

Less than a month from election day a raucous crowd turns out Tuesday night to hear the candidates running for governor and U.S. Senate in Georgia debate the issues. The Georgia National Fair hosted those debates in races that now seem much closer than many people expected they would be.

In the Senate race, Democrat Michelle Nunn stressed how she would bring the feuding parties together. Republican David Perdue said she would be beholden to President Obama. He railed against Obamacare and said his business experience will help him grow the economy. Nunn said Perdue spent most of his corporate career sending American jobs to other countries.

"He would be even more unique than that,” said Michelle Nunn, (D) Senate Candidate. “He would be the only Senator that from his own words has built a career around outsourcing American jobs."

"Almost two thirds of American small businesses have stopped hiring or cut back employment,” said David Perdue, (R) Senate Candidate. “This is a law that has got to be repealed or replaced."

Libertarian Amanda Swafford argued neither Perdue nor Nunn offers anything new.

Following that debate, the gubernatorial candidates were up.

Governor Nathan Deal said Georgia is rated the number one place in the country to do business and said he has the state poised for a major economic recovery.

Democrat Jason Carter pointed out that Georgia's unemployment rate is the worst in the country.

He criticized Deal for slashing education funding and said education would be his top priority.

"We have done something that this state has never had the distinction of doing before,” said Gov. Nathan Deal, (R) Georgia. “We have been designated as the best state in the nation in which to do business.

"Georgia is ready for an education system that is moving forward instead of sliding backwards,” said Jason Carter, (D) Gubernatorial Candidate. “Georgia is ready for an economy that strengthens the middle class."

Libertarian Andrew Hunt also says he wants to improve Georgia's education system so children don't suffer.

He also says he would focus on giving people a hand-up to reduce handouts.

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