Cordele Police Chief reacts to 'Most Dangerous" ranking

Cordele Police Chief reacts to 'Most Dangerous" ranking

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - A new survey ranked Cordele the 14th most dangerous city in Georgia. That doesn't sit well with the police chief

Chief Bobby Hooper says that survey used old data and is misleading, but the survey and recent violent crimes have caused some uneasiness in the area.

A recent survey ranking these streets in Cordele among the most dangerous in the state caused quite a reaction from their police chief.

"My first thought was, this is garbage," said Cordele Police Chief William Hooper.

Cities were ranked in order of violent crimes in the city limits... Chief Hooper says the system is flawed.

"They took the numbers and manipulated them so that if you live in a small town, you have a better chance of being a victim of crime than someone who lives in Atlanta, Savannah, places like that," said Hooper.

The recent homicides in Cordele and the county did not factor into the survey, but they play into the minds of concerned residents.

"Not surprising at all. Honestly I thought it would be a lot higher. That we'd be higher up on the list but 14th's not too bad," said Leslie Taylor.

"Well I'm not surprised. We've had several killings and I'm really not surprised," said Frances Butler.

The chief is quick to point out that his office takes initiative when it comes to stopping crime.

They teamed up with Sheriff Billy Hancock in Operation Takeback a couple weeks ago.

"We routinely look at the numbers and the stats and review crime and see where it's going on and we shift our focus whenever we need to," said Hooper.

Hooper has one message to share with the residents of Cordele.

"Don't get up in arms about this. It's not what it seems like, we do a lot of things proactively like I said," said Hooper.

The survey was done by Home Security Shield and contains stats about violent crimes and property crimes. Americus was the highest ranked city in our area at number six. Albany, Douglas, and Tifton made the list as well.

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