APD studies ongoing crime zone

APD studies ongoing crime zone
Mayor Hubbard
Mayor Hubbard

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany city leaders say they are looking for ways to cut down on continuing crime problems at some north Albany motels. Two men were stabbed early Monday morning at a lodge on North Slappey Boulevard. One teenage victim is still in the hospital.

The crime in that two block area is not anything new, but yesterday's stabbing shows the problems continues, and city leaders are looking for stop it before it escalates.

Police say an argument led to the stabbing at the Superior Creek Lodge that sent two men to the hospital. Police had to use a stun gun to arrest 20 year old Joshua Odums, charged with the aggravated assault. Police tell us Odums did not live there.

Mayor Dorothy Hubbard said the city commission is taking ongoing crimes in that area seriously. "I can guarantee that the chief and the city manager are looking at what can be done about it."

The 2500 to 2700 block of North Slappey is dominated by motels and lodges, and law enforcement is well aware of drug and prostitution problems there.

Albany Dougherty Drug Unit Commander Major Bill Berry said "It's just a constant nuisance abatement type situation. Where we have to go up there and try to keep a lid on it, while we try to monitor the rest of the county."

The area surrounds the city's north side gateway, and law enforcement says that heavy traffic is one reason drug dealers and prostitutes stay there. Drug agents say that activity breeds crime in nearby areas.

"Stealing and breaking into cars, doing anything they can to get the money or get items to exchange for the pills or whatever they are going to get," Berry said.

The Mayor says this high crime area could harm the image of the entire city. "Economic development is another part of that process. And you know that if people come in and there are those elements in a certain area, then they are not going to spend their money on us. And I say that to us over and over again."

That's why city officials say they continue to look into ways to run the criminal element from around those businesses, before more violent crimes occur.

We talked with the manager at the Superior Creek Lodge, but the owner did not want to go on camera and talk about the crime issue around their area.

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