Firefighters burn 3 East Albany houses

Firefighters burn 3 East Albany houses

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Firefighters set fires in the abandoned homes last month to train arson investigators.

Monday they burned them to the ground.

People who live near these condemned houses came out to watch the firefighters burn them.  And to say thank you.

As the home at 1407 Bonneyview Avenue went up in flames, neighbors watched happily.

Pam said "I'm glad to see it go. Made the community, the neighborhood look bad.  I'm glad to see it go."

Neighbors say the house had been vacant for a long time, and they worried about what could be going on inside.

Anitairess Thomas said "I mean you see a lot of people going in there, but you know you burns them down you don't have to worry about it.  They not going to use them, might as well burn them down."

The city burned two other condemned houses today, one in the 1300 block of East First Avenue and one in the 800 block of Riley Street.   Firefighters used the burns to practice and train.

Albany Fire Department Investigator Sam Harris said "They get a lot of practice on how to cool structures adjacent to the fire. And theygett a lot of practice on how to control the burn.  How to work the fire."

And burning the houses makes it cheaper to tear down.

Albany Chief Code Enforcement Officer Robert Carter said "It reduces thetonnagee it has in it going to the landfill.  So it reduces the average demolition by about one thousand or two thousand dollars."

Neighbors are glad to see these houses down, and in the next few weeks the debris will be cleaned and the lot vacant.

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