Thieves steal copper as fast as it is installed

Thieves steal copper as fast as it is installed
Glen Singfield
Glen Singfield

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A big copper theft may cost the builder several thousand dollars to replace. Thieves stripped wiring at a construction site on North Jackson overnight.

The new house going in is one of few construction sites in the downtown Albany area. The contractor says these thefts are deterring investment and growth in the area.

Crews spent Monday morning installing electrical wiring. But they had finished that job this weekend.

"We got back this morning and we find that they've been stripped. It's very disheartening, it's very costly in terms of dollars and also time," said Glenn Singfield, the President of Artesian Contracting Company.

Wires were pulled out of the wall. The money Singfield will pay to replace them is much higher than the amount the thieves will get in return.

"It costs us $4,000 to get it installed, manpower, labor, and equipment and they take that same money that we spend $4,000 on and they end up getting 5 or 10 dollars for it," said Singfield.

These petty thefts are a major speed bump in a time constrained job. Singfield says they also scare away investors from the Albany area.

"As the market turns and investors want to come back to this community, we got to be proactive. We need to start putting in place ideas and strategies so that people who want to invest, who want to upgrade our community, feel comfortable to do so."

Until a plan is in place, Singfield says he's at the mercy of the neighborhood.

This building is still in the early stages and you might notice that the doors and windows aren't even on to secure the building. Singfield says he is working as quickly as possible to make that happen.

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