Worth Co. meth accident hurts two people

Worth Co. meth accident hurts two people

WORTH CO., GA (WALB) - A Worth County man is being treated for serious burns investigators say he suffered while making meth.

One other person was injured in that explosion.

Three people are in jail tonight.

Sheriff Jeff Hobby says meth is a serious problem in Worth County and now some of those contributing to that problem are behind bars.

Worth County authorities say that two people have been burned in what appears to be a Meth-making operation in the county.

Worth County Drug Investigators were called to the house at 131 Oakland Heights Road because of a explosion Friday night around 8:30 p.m.

"The call came in as a propane tank blew up," said Sheriff Jeff Hobby.

During further investigation, it was determined it was a meth explosion. Six people who were renting the home were inside.

"They went to several drug stores here in the immediate areas, Albany, Sylvester, and Tifton and bought the precursors to make the chemicals to make the meth,"

Stephen Bedford, Terri Young and Mary Lawson were arrested and charged with manufacturing meth.

Neighbor Justin Beasley smelled the chemicals from his house. "My aunt was worried about it cause she didn't know if they smell was going to hurt the kids' lungs," said Beasley.

He says he saw law enforcement shortly after the explosion. "They were lined up to about back there about halfway down the drive way,"

Beasley says he was over at the house but had no knowledge of meth being made inside the home at the time.

"They came over to question me, I guess they say I was over there. When it exploded I left. I didn't know about it, we were over their playing cards," said Beasley.

Two others inside the home received burns from the explosion. James Stoyle is being treated at the Augusta Burn Center for 40 percent burns on his body. Joshua Coxwell is recovering at home. Warrants are pending and they will be charged when they are well enough.

"This is a perfect example that people can get themselves hurt very bad without not counting the consequences of using the stuff" said Sheriff Hobby.

Sheriff Hobby says they are looking for one more person in connection to the meth explosion. He says the house will need to be condemned before anyone can go inside.

Lawson, Bedford, and Young traveled to Tifton where they were spotted by Tifton Police and brought back for arrest by Worth County deputies.

The Sheriff says the investigation is ongoing and right now it looks as of they meth was being made for personal use.

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