Albany Fire Departments plans to burn condemned houses

Albany Fire Departments plans to burn condemned houses

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Fire Department officials warn East Albany residents they will be burning three condemned homes Monday, and that people with breathing issues should take notice and steps to protect their health.

The three abandoned homes were burned partially two weeks ago, and used to train arson investigators from around the state. Inside one of the homes, in the 1300 block of East First Avenue, firefighters discovered the remains of two pit bull dogs.

Fire investigators believe the dogs were killed in dog fighting and dumped in the empty home. The other two homes to be burned are in the 1400 block of Bonnyview Avenue and the 800 block of Riley Street.All the homes have been condemned by the courts, and ordered destroyed.

They are a nuisance to the community, possibly being used for criminal activity.Fire officials say they will begin burning the homes at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning, and they should be completely out by 5 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. People with breathing issues in those East Albany streets are urged to stay inside with their windows shut.

There will be several road closures during the training that include: intersection of North Central Street and East First Avenue, 1300 Block of East First Avenue, 800 Block of Riley Street, 500 Block of Dunes Avenue, intersection of Bonnyview Avenue and Carroll Street, and the 1400 Block of Bonnyview Avenue.

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