Gas wars

Gas wars
gas lines
gas lines
gas price wars
gas price wars

A gas war is creating a traffic jam right now on Philema road.

A new convenience store opened early this morning in Lee County and a gas war started between it and another store just down the street.

Gas prices this low haven't been seen in years.

Social media helped spread the word.

"gas price at 2 dollars and 48 cents a gallon"

Yes you heard that right. The Express station on Phelima road had gas for 2 dollars and 48 cents a gallon.

Facebook users quickly spread the word and people came from all over.

Mollie Crosby says "we were gonna get gas in east albany and we found out that it was this price I come all the way here to get gas."

The Easy Trip opened its doors for the first time at 5am today.

The owner is responsible for starting the gas war by dropping the price to 2:49.

Nikhil Patel says "we decided to bring gas prices down to get everybody to to our store, give special discounts and welcome us in to the community."

The Express owner says he is losing about 40 cents a gallon but was not going to be undercut and lowered their price to 2:48.

Marty Dailey says"my sister in law come into the chehaw camp grounds and said their sellin gas down there for 2-40 somethin, I said what???"

The Easy Trip offered free pizza and are giving away a Georgia Bulldogs tent, 2 bicycles and a number of other items in a drawing.

The owner of Express says the price could change at any moment depending on what his competition is doing down the road.

Patel says "he can stay one cent lower that's why everybody comes to the store."

Patel says he did what he needed to do to let people know Easy Trip is open.

As long as the prices remain this low the people will keep coming.

Dailey says "I have to admit the way the economy is this is nice"

We are not sure how long this gas war will continue.

Nikhil Patel says the Easy Trip will keep gas prices that low for a day or so and Jason Pitts the owner of the Express will most likely follow suit.