Giant alligator yields 150 pounds of meat

Giant alligator yields 150 pounds of meat

The guy who captured that huge alligator we showed you Thursday night ended up getting more than 150-pounds of meat from the gator.

Chad Young and his friends killed the monster late Wednesday night on Lake Blackshear. It was more than 13-feet long and 660-pounds

Young is one of 850 tag holders who can hunt gators during Georgia's month-long season that's winding down. The crew skinned the gator last night.

"We've processed the meat and have it on ice. We are in process of tanning the hide and getting it ready to either be sold or made into products for us," said Trae Sims, the cousin of Chad Young.

DNR officials say more than 11,000 hunters applied for tags for gator season. They say hunters help control populations by killing between two and three hundred each year.

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