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Walmart jobs are welcome in Ashburn

Bo Carroll Bo Carroll
Becky Ivey Becky Ivey
ASHBURN, GA (WALB) - Walmart announced Thursday they are hiring for 30 people to work in their new Ashburn location. Some say they are excited about the economic development the store will bring. Applicants and those in the city say the store will bring extra jobs for those looking for work in Turner County.

In a few months the Walmart neighborhood market in Ashburn will be complete. In the meantime, they are looking for 30 store workers. Becky Ivey says she had a long journey to finding work.

"I have been looking for employment for four and half years," said Becky Ivey.

Ivey is going to give it another try as she applies for one of the open store positions. "Well I'm hoping it will come through for me. I have a master's degree in Education, so that's makes it hard for me in a lot of retail positions," said Ivey.

The store manager says the new chain store will bring a boost to the local economy. "Walmart brings economic development. It not only help supports the community, but associates looking for work to have steady income coming in. We're here to save money so people can live better," said Bo Carroll, Store manager.

There's a Walmart in every city surrounding Turner County. And now, badly needed jobs are coming to Ashburn.

"Every day I get people walking through our doors searching for employment and now they have an opportunity to get that here in town,'" said Stevi Thompson, of the Chamber of Commerce.

The store is also a big deal for other reasons. "Because there's not a lot here in the county. I'm hoping it will boost morale," said Ivey.

While construction continues, the store will start hiring for 30 store workers. You can apply at the Tifton Walmart. The store is expected to open January 7th.

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