U.S. Candidate Michelle Nunn visits Albany

U.S. Candidate Michelle Nunn visits Albany

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Democrat Michelle Nunn brought her U-S Senate campaign to Albany this evening.

She spent time with supporters and volunteers helping her campaign in her bid as a democrat to represent the state in next month's election.

Georgians haven't elected a Democratic U-S Senator in 14-years. But Nunn believes this year will be different.

"I think most people are less interested in partisanship and parties and more interested in is this person going to try and get things done for Georgia. So what I am committed to do is to put the people of Georgia as my priority and to really transcend party difference," said U.S. Candidate Michelle Nunn.

Nunn easily won the Democratic primary in May and will face Republican David Perdue and Libertarian Amanda Swofford on November 4th.

Nunn met with those supporters at the new Albany Democratic party campaign headquarters at 141 West Broad Avenue.State Senator Freddie Powell Sims says this is the excitement she's seen among Georgia Democrats in while.She says that's because Nunn and gubernatorial hopeful Jason Carter are great candidates.

"The last names are important sure for name recognition but these are candidates that have so so much quality. They understand the political arena, they've been apart of it all their lives, so its nothing new to them," said Sen. Freddie Powell- Sims.

The new party headquarters will be open from 9 a-m to 9 p-m Monday through Friday.

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