Family of East Albany murder victim reacts to suspect's arrest

Family of East Albany murder victim reacts to suspect's arrest
Sheqela Butler
Sheqela Butler
Dante Butler
Dante Butler

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany family mourning the murder of a loved one has a little relief tonight now that a suspect is in jail.

Albany police caught Mike Hill this afternoon and charged him with spraying Ricky Kegler's mobile home with bullets Monday morning and killing him.

Hill's arrest isn't the end of the investigation into Kegler's death but it has brought some closure to his family

After getting a WALB News 10 breaking news alert about Mike Hill's arrest today, Ricky Kegler's family has some sense of satisfaction

"I jumped for joy, when they said they caught him and I actually seen him in handcuffs, I was over relieved, I said, 'Thank you Jesus they done caught him,'' said Sheqela Butler.

"It was a sense of relief knowing that a person with no sense of respect for human life that could still be walking the streets," said Dante Jones.

But Dante Kegler says there are more steps to take before his brother's murder is fully solved. They don't think Mike Hill acted alone.

"It was more than him, so I'm really urging him to come forward with the other people that was involved in this heinous murder you know, because it wasn't just him," said Dante Kegler

They want answers

"I just really want to talk to Mike to see why, what was your motive to do what you did and why was you so heartless with what you did to my little brother you know. I just really want to know why you did that because an animal doesn't deserve to go out the way my brother went out," said Sheqela Butler.

They're glad tipsters helped police in this investigation. They hope that serves as an example an leads to more cooperation with investigators.

"My thing to people in Albany area is not to feel like you are a snitch because you're telling on someone that just doesn't care about human life. When people be quiet, they got to think about they got love ones also. It may happen to you and you would want someone to speak up for your loved ones," said Dante Butler

The family believes if more people are willing to speak up in the future, there will be fewer crimes police will need to solve.

The family is working to gather enough money for a funeral for Ricky Kegler. If you would like to help, we've got details call 288-7345

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