Fire rips through Colquitt Co. home

Fire rips through Colquitt Co. home

COLQUITT CO., GA (WALB) - A young mother is devastated after losing everything in house fire in Colquitt County.

Sarah Buckner could only stay inside the home a few minutes at a time as she sifted through all her charred belongings Thursday, trying to salvage anything.

"The diapers, shoes, school supplies and everything is gone," said Buckner.

At about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday Buckner was heating grease on the stove to cook for her two children.

Her 4-year-old was getting a piece of bread while Buckner went after her one-year-old who had gone into the bathroom.

The wrapper got soaked in the grease.

"He started screaming fire and I come in there and seen that it was a small fire and I doused water on it trying to get it out," said Buckner.

The water made the grease fire worse and buckner knew it was out of her control.

"I told my four-year-old to run and just screamed for him to run through the front door," she said. "He ran to get the neighbor and I had to hold my one-year-old like this under me to smother his face to get under the smoke to get out the front door because you didn't get to the back door."

Buckner and her neighbor called 911 and the fire department did what they could but the house at 305 Pine Trail Road is a total loss.

Most of her rented furniture was from Buddy's home furnishings.

The store manager says the furniture is insured and they want to do whatever they can to help.

"I have a family and you always worry about stuff like that happening," said manager Marty Daily.

Buckner and her kids will be staying with her dad and stepmother until they can find something else.

"I truly believe a blessing is gonna come out of this," she said.

Buckner says it's hard to go from having some, to having nothing, but that her faith with get them through this.

"He's more of a blessing than anything, my two kids are alive."

Almands storage has offered a unit for the family to put donated items in until they find a new home.

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