More rain could delay peanut processing

More rain could delay peanut processing

MITCHELL CO., GA (WALB) - More rain in our forecast means more uncertainty for peanut farmers.

Firetower Peanut Company in Hopeful normally sees about 5 farmers a day bringing in their peanuts for processing.

They say business is slow right now because wet weather delayed the harvest in many fields. They encourage farmers to get the processing done as soon as they can.

"The peanuts that are real close to being ready, the guys are going to plow them up ahead of the rain. It's always a guessing game, do I want to get them up or wait until after the rain. If we know how much it was going to rain it would make it easier to make that decision," said Robin Singletary, manager and operator.

Singletary says dry land peanuts are not looking too good but irrigated peanuts are doing well this year. They process about 10-12,000 tons of peanuts a year.

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