Fundraiser for Deputy in need of kidney transplant

Fundraiser for Deputy in need of kidney transplant

A fundraiser for a Lee County Deputy in need of a kidney is gaining momentum but organizers still need help.

The area next to Blonde Inc. salon in Leesburg will be transformed into a spooky, Halloween bash to raise money for Deputy Stewart Williamson.

Williamson was born with one kidney, has stage four renal disease and was placed on a transplant list.

Regina Raburn is organizing the event to help raise money for the costly procedure and medication.

"Something about Stewart's uniqueness and his heroic ability, his personality just struck home with me. He's touched my heart from the moment I met him. He's one of the strongest young men I've ever met. If he were my son, I would be proud. I'm proud that he keeps me safe so I can sleep at night. So anything I can do to give back to someone like him, I'll do it wholeheartedly," said Raburn.

And other businesses are starting to get involved. "We challenge the community to make a donation, any donation they make, will be subtracted off of a yearly maintenance contract, signed up with Pro Outdoor," said Mike Gonzalez with Pro Outdoor.

"I just feel like as a community we should come together. I know that not everybody is in a position to make a large cash donation of that sort, but I feel like we can all at least donate a little bit of time or effort. Whether it just be coming out and helping set up or helping take down, something of that matter or just putting the word out for her. As many times as everybody gets on facebook all day I think they could at least like the page or something like that. I've known Stewart awhile, we went to school together and he's a great guy. And I just feel like he needs our help," said Gonzalez.

The bash is Friday October 17th from 7:30 pm until 10:30 pm and Saturday the 18th from 6 pm until 11 pm.

Raburn says they're in need of volunteers to set up, supplies like canned sodas, store bought bagged candy individually wrapped, bottled water and variety small bags of chips. They also need entertainment for Saturday night.

Organizers are asking for businesses to help sponsor the event and donate items for a raffle.

The salon is also donating $3.00 from all eyebrow waxes or $5.00 from an eyebrow/lip wax combo to the Stewart kidney transplant fund for the month of October.

For more information on how to help or donate, call 229-496-9659 or 229-364-1508, or click on one of the links below.

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