MCLB contractor lays off workers

MCLB contractor lays off workers

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - More than 100 contract workers at MCLB are out of their jobs Thursday.

Workers for contractor PTI were told yesterday that they're being laid off because of a dispute over their contract.

MCLB confirms there were layoffs, but hasn't provided details.

Mechanics and warehouse specialists are among those laid off.

The Marine Base issued this news release just after 1:30PM-

A recently awarded government contract that provided for the care of warehoused supplies for Marine Corps Logistics Command has been disputed on Sept 24 by a company that did not win the contract.

The $8.5 million contract, awarded to Prime Tech International, Inc. on Sept 11, encompasses areas of inventory management and control, serialization, general warehousing, storage, tactical vehicle maintenance, kitting, marking and labeling equipment, as well as distribution of Marine Corps principal end items.

Under Federal Acquisition Law, when an awarded contract is disputed a stay, or work stoppage, has to be placed on the contract work until the matter is resolved by the Government Accountability Office.

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