Gifts and tribute to murdered Albany man burned

Gifts and tribute to murdered Albany man burned

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An autopsy shows an East Albany man, killed in an ambush at his home Monday morning,was shot multiple times by a rifle in the chest, abdomen, and legs.

Neighbors say their tribute to 27-year old Ricky Kegler at his home was burned overnight.

Friends and relatives signed a piece of art that they hung on the door of the mobile home last night during a candlelight vigil.

Neighbors say about 3 Wednesday morning, someone set it on fire.

Megan McCall said "It hurts me to my heart for somebody to even do that. I mean you already took the man's life for no reason at all.  And then for you to come over here and just do something like that, it's just wrong.  You have no heart. You are just heartless."

Police continue to look for 22-year old Mike Hill to question about Kegler's murder.

Neighbors say they plan to make another tribute to replace the burned one.

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