Police work to prepare businesses ahead of holiday traffic

Police work to prepare businesses ahead of holiday traffic

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Police are working to prepare retail businesses for the traditional increase in crime during the holidays.

After a rash of armed robberies this month, many Albany area business owners say they want to work together to protect themselves.

Albany Police credit surveillance video and community support with helping them make arrests in a frightening armed robbery of the Westside Grocery this week.

Wednesday Albany Police asked area business owners to join them and work on ways to protect themselves against crime.

"Nobody wants to be a victim. So if we can prevent something from happening by being observant and trying to help law enforcement however we can, then that would be a good thing," said Modern Gas Vice President Wilson Holloway.

Albany Police say it's a fact that certain crimes increase around businesses in the holidays, and they want to help business owners be ready and protected.

"That's something we are trying to jump out ahead of now," said Albany Police Corporal Brian Covington. "So with the more eyes we get out watching, [and] the more business people that we get out talking and communicating with one another, [we hope] we can curtail a lot of that."

Police are offering free security surveys to Albany businesses. Crime prevention officers will come to businesses and offer suggestions to improve lighting, locks, surveillance video, that possibly help prevent crime. Wilson Holloway says he wants to do his part.

Like a neighborhood watch protects homeowners, Albany Police believe a strong business watch will help store employees talking together spot suspicious persons and possibly stop business crimes.

"To literally stomp out crime. It takes each of us to get this job done," said Covington.

And with the holidays coming, Albany Police say now is the time for business owners to start.

Albany businesses can call the Police Department at 431-2100 to set up an appointment for a security survey now to be better prepared for the holidays.

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