UPS driver marks 40 years of safe driving

UPS driver marks 40 years of safe driving

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - A south Georgia UPS truck driver is recognized for an amazing safety record. UPS driver Felton McCant says driving is something he's good at doing, but doing it safely for decades earned him special recognition in the company.

Felton McCant has dedicated his career to safe driving.

"Watching out for your surrounding being mindful of the other people and the traffic and the condition and the situations of the road," he said.

The 66 year old UPS feeder driver from Moultrie recently marked a milestone in his driving career . . . 40 years on the road without so much as a fender bender.

Felton checks his truck every morning to prepare for a safe trip on the road. So far he's driven more than 3 million miles safely through Georgia, Florida and Alabama.

"It's relaxing, you get a chance to meet news people everyday so I just enjoy my job," he said.

Felton says driving is in his blood. "I started driving when I was 16 years old hauling sweet potatoes."

McCant is one of 42 UPS drivers in the company's history who have made it to 40 years without any kind of accident.

Felton is now in the UPS Circle of Honor for making safe driving his number one priority while helping make sure your packages arrive on time.

"I'm still here still driving safety from Tifton to Atlanta and back five days a week."

Felton plans to keep going, driving safety until he reaches his next milestone. In order to set the company's record, McCant says he wants to go for 52 years of safe driving.

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