Lake level soon to drop

Lake level soon to drop

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - You might notice a lot less water in Lake Chehaw for the next month.

Georgia Power started their drawdown of Lake Chehaw Wednesday, and by this evening you can already see the water level is much lower.

Every two years Georgia Power empties the Lake, so that they can do maintenance work on their Flint River Dam in Albany. It also gives property owners a chance to do maintenance work on their docks and water walls.

Georgia Power says the drawdown is so gradual, it does not hurt the wildlife or environment.

"We're very environmentally conscious, and we take care of the reservoir. Really it's for the benefit of the reservoir that we take it down, and do these kind of maintenance activities," said Georgia Power Area Manager Jay Smith.

The Lake Chehaw drawdown will continue through October, and then the lake will be restored.

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