Baby boom at the Wild Animal Park at Chehaw

Baby boom at the Wild Animal Park at Chehaw

You'll see some new animals if you head out to the Wild Animal Park at Chehaw.

The zoo has had a baby boom lately welcoming 9 baby alligators, a couple of opossums, a monkey, a kangaroo, an eland, and a crane.

Workers say captive breeding is a great way to preserve species populations. The baby animals also give the new a marketing tool.

"If we've got a baby and we know people like to see baby animals, ya, we're definitely going to use that as a tool because we want them to come and see the babies and see the adults and learn to appreciate the animals," said Lead Keeper Samantha Sassone.

Most of the babies are in exhibits for visitors to see, though the crane is not on display right now.

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