Popular fishing pond reopens after two-year renovation

Popular fishing pond reopens after two-year renovation

BERRIEN CO., GA (WALB) - A popular south Georgia fishing spot is back open for local anglers.

Andy Trocheck was just one of several fishermen that lined up to be the first to put their boats in this calm, peaceful water at sunrise Wednesday morning. That's when the Horseshoe Five pond reopened at Paradise Public Fishing Area in Berrien County, after it was closed  in 2012.

"Pretty excited, yeah. I'm glad I didn't have class until later today and it was nice to be the first one to catch a fish out here," said Andy Trocheck, ABAC Wildlife Natural Resource student.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources officials say the popular fishing pond was drained and underwent improvement renovations over the past two years.

"The pond had a leak in the drain structure and we had to drain it and repair it," Noel Jackson, Georgia DNR Area Manager. "In the process of doing that we had to make improvements to the structure and the lake bottom."

Once the repairs were made, rain refilled the waterway and several types of fish were restocked, like large mouth bass, blue gill and Red Ear Sunfish. Now the pond joins 60 other ponds and lakes at Paradise Public Fishing Area for eager, licensed fishermen like this first group to enjoy.

"They were all taking their time putting their boats in and launching this morning an everyone was excited to get out there and be the first to catch some fish," said Jackson.

Anyone wanting to fish at Paradise Public Fishing area is required to have a fishing and Wildlife management license. The area is open Wednesday through Sunday, sunrise to sunset.

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