Graceway offers interactive sessions

Graceway offers interactive sessions
Andy Martin
Andy Martin

An Albany recovery center for women is now offering educational outreach services for the whole community.

Furniture is being moved into the newest addition of Graceway Recovery Residence.

Starting Monday, counselors will offer group sessions for family members and friends of addicts for anyone in the community.

"It's an unmet need because we see so many families distraught and they just don't know what to do or how to help their children. And they tend to hurt them, instead of helping them," said Shannon Burke, Certified Addiction Counselor.

"We're offering groups for basically everybody except the person that's actually using the chemicals. More often than not that's family," said Andy Martin, a Master Addiction Counselor.

Staff members say the goal of the six week group sessions is to help loved ones cope with the addiction.

"Watching them die slowly, sometimes quickly, it's a very painful thing. And there are better ways than others to handle that situation and that's what these groups are for because a lot of people are suffering from addiction who might not be the addict," explained Martin.

But also help stop the addiction cycle by educating family and friends to create a positive environment.

"If we're only treating that one person who's the chemical user and there are no services, or there's no other kind of rehabilitation for the other seven, then that's kind of a lopsided treatment model," said Martin.

And addiction is more than just drugs and alcohol.

"There's eating disorders, there's sexual addictions. There are many things that function like an addiction. Materialism, money, property, what people are saying about me, co-dependence," said Martin.

Organizers hope by offering these classes, folks throughout Southwest Georgia can get the help they need.

The classes will be held Mondays and Tuesdays from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at 411 West Tift Avenue in Albany. The first six week session begins October 6th. It costs $75/person/session. For availability and reservations, call 229-446-4550. Click on the link below for more information.

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