What would you like to see happen in downtown Albany?

What would you like to see happen in downtown Albany?

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - You can voice your opinions at a downtown visioning meeting Tuesday, September 30 at the candy room right next to the RiverQuarium.

People who are interested and concerned about downtown Albany are invited to share ideas, brainstorm and discuss how to rebuild downtown Albany. Sharlene Cannon, interim Downtown Manager, says the meeting is to gain energy, input and enthusiasm from the community. The main point is to inspire people to get interested in improving downtown.

"It's about looking forward and not looking back.We know that we have problems in Albany but were going to figure out how to capitalize on the wonderful assets that are existing and what kind of stores ,retail what's needed and what the community would like to see. We'll be asking questions like if you could have your dreams come true for downtown Albany, what would you choose," said Downtown Director Sharlene Cannon

Cannon says this is a first in a series of meeting she wants to have to boost downtown, and she feels people are excited to be involved.

Developers from Shandon Development and interim City Manager Tom Berry were in attendance at the meeting.

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