Man recovers, as police search for friend's killer

Man recovers, as police search for friend's killer

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A man wounded in a shooting that killed his roommate talks about the death of his friend and the search for the killer.

The coroner says the autopsy on Ricky Kegler took longer than usual, because he was shot so many times, and the manhunt continues for 22-year-old Michael Hill. Police want to question him about all those shots fired through the wall of Kegler's east Albany mobile home early yesterday.

Arnold Hall, known as "A. K.," showed us his bullet wound in his foot, and told us what happened early yesterday morning.

Hall said "I was asleep. And I heard my brother, heard gunshots and I heard my brother call my name. And when he came in my room, and he was shot. That's when they shot through the wall and hit me in the foot. And I had to sit there and watch my brother die."

Police continue to hunt for Hill, calling him a person of interest in the murder. Police say 27-year-old Ricky Kegler was killed when hit in the chest and arms by bullets fired from several weapons, including an assault type rifle and a shotgun, fired through the walls of their mobile home. A. K. said Hill spent the night at their home a couple of nights, hiding out because he was wanted by police for entering autos and A. K. said Kegler named Hill as the shooter.

"That's what my brother said, before he died. That's the name he called," Hall said.

A number of his neighbors stood watch outside the home where A.K. is recuperating, making sure he is safe. Neighbor Buford Ford said "We going to make sure he has somewhere to stay. And we are going to make sure nothing happens to him anymore. So he is going to be o.k."

Ford was friends with both Ricky Kegler and Michael Hill. He urges Hill to give himself up.

Ford said "If he didn't do it, turn yourself in, man. And at least get yourself clear. But I hope didn't, but whoever did it, they need to turn themselves in, because that was senseless. It was a very senseless crime."

Ricky Kegler's family said they are asking friends to help contribute to pay for his funeral, while police continue their manhunt for his killer or killers.

If you have any information about this fatal shooting, or Michael Hill, call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS. You could earn a reward up to one thousand dollars.

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