MCLB raises awareness for domestic violence prevention

MCLB raises awareness for domestic violence prevention

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany has kicked off a month long effort to bring awareness to domestic abuse.

Dawn Hodge rode her motorcycle Tuesday in honor of her mother, lost 26 years ago to domestic violence. She joins 42 other motorcyclists for MCLB's Domestic Violence Proclamation Ceremony and ride this year.

"Every years since then, I vowed to support all awareness, anything dealing with saving females from this," said Hodge, a civilian Marine. "I know it happens to males also, but it's predominately happened to females and losing my mother to it, it hits home."

Each of them wear purple and black domestic violence t-shirts to bring awareness to the streets of Albany. It's an event the Marine Corps Logistics Base holds annually to proclaim October as Domestic Violence Awareness month.

"It's just to raise awareness so we don't, yak know, repeat the things that happened in the past," said Captain Christopher Collier.

"Domestic violence is really as quiet as kept and as long as it's kept quiet, it's going to keep happening," added Hodge.

Awareness to this issue has increased with the criticism the National Football League received over its handling of the case involving one of its players. The NFL last month announced tougher penalties for players convicted of domestic violence.

More and more victims are coming forward with their stories and during Tuesday's ceremony, organizers said now is the time for everyone to take a stand.

"To come forth, there's help available," said Brenda Ray Prevention and Education Specialist with the Advocacy Program. "There's no shame, no guilt. Resources are available to assist you, whether you are male or female. We support you."

Each person that attended left with a list of ways to prevent this type of abuse from happening in their community. The event kicks off a month of educational activities that people here at M.C.L.B. hope will lead more people to a violence-free life.

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