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VPD investigating smash n' grab burglary at Citgo Quick Lube

Aaron Kirk Aaron Kirk

Valdosta Police are using surveillance video to try and identify the suspect who burglarized the Citgo Quick Lube on North Ashley Street Monday.

Around 1:30 a.m. Monday, a black man was caught on surveillance video breaking a window at the business and going inside and stealing a .380 caliber handgun, $20 in cash, a crowbar, and two checks worth a total of $850 that customers had written to the business.

"There was some type of surveillance video, and [investigators] did see an African American male on the video," said Valdosta Police Department Lieutenant Aaron Kirk. "Not sure, exactly, if they were tryin' to steal the checks or if the checks may have been mixed in with the cash and maybe they just grabbed everything."

Kirk recommends businesses take their checks to the bank at the end of each day if possible. "Maybe try to keep 'em more secure. At the end of the day, maybe go ahead and take those out and secure them or take them to the bank," said Kirk.

WALB tried to obtain a copy of the surveillance video Tuesday morning, but the business manager said the only copy of the video had been given to the police as evidence.

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