County commissioner pushes for Sunday voting

County commissioner pushes for Sunday voting

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - One Dougherty County Commissioner is pushing for people to be able to vote on a Sunday, after the board of elections voted not to add a voting day.

District 3 Commissioner Clinton Johnson says he thinks another day to vote would bring more people to the polls.

At today's county commission meeting, members of the board of elections said only four other counties in Georgia have Sunday voting, and that's on an experimental basis.

"I want to say it would greatly influence it because some people have jobs Monday through Friday, and Monday through Saturday, and some people work jobs that they have to make a decision do I go and do another task or do I go vote," says Clinton Johnson, who represents District three.

Election board members said it would be an additional cost to the county of 11-hundred dollars to implement Sunday voting.

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