September rain is bad news for peanut farmers

September rain is bad news for peanut farmers
Philip Grimes
Philip Grimes

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Today's rain may be inconvenient for you, but it may be incredibly costly for farmers. One peanut farmer estimates recent rainy, cloudy and cool days could cost him more than $100,000.

Rain came down across most of South Georgia Monday morning, and for peanut farmers, that can be devastating.

One farmer says there's only one word to describe this peanut season. "Unusual. It was real dry in July and August. And now September, we're getting a lot of rain at harvest. We'd rather have it earlier in the year but we'll take it like it comes," said Philip Grimes.

This late rain delays the harvesting process. "This is harvest time and they need to be running in the field, every day now. Every day we're not able to run, that's a day we get further behind," said Grimes.

Grimes estimates they could be 8 or 9 days behind after gloomy weather for the past week. The peanuts he dug up last Monday haven't been picked from the field yet.

"When we go back in after these rains, we're losing 20%, 30% of peanuts in the field," said Grimes.

That percent is equal to about $100,000 on his 600 acres of peanuts.

Even so, he'll be back, taking his chances with the weather. "I'll be back. As long as I can. I'll still be planting peanuts," said Grimes.

And hoping for better cooperation from mother nature.

Last week we checked with buying points which were empty because of the weather, and even after a couple of days of sunshine last week, business still hasn't picked up at several companies I talked to.

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