No problems for 'guns everywhere' law in Lee County

No problems for 'guns everywhere' law in Lee County

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - It's been nearly three months since Georgia's so-called "guns everywhere" law took effect.

While it does expand gun rights, it doesn't allow guns everywhere.

It's football Friday in south Georgia, and as fans file into Trojan Field at Lee County High School, they better not carry a gun.

"They are looked upon pretty close if they see one. That's why we have an officer at each gate at any game. It's not anything out of the norm," said Sheriff Rachals.

Georgia's new gun law allows permit holders to take their guns more places, but school property is still a gun-free zone.

Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals says there haven't been any problems with the law in Lee County.

"They understand the issue at hand that weapons can cause problem if it's allowed, most people that carry guns are law abiding citizens anyway," said Rachals.

Critics condemn part of the law that prohibits law enforcement officers from asking people who are carrying guns to show their permit, unless they're suspected of committing a crime.

"I'm not going to just approach anybody just because they carrying a weapon, neither are any of my deputies because they have that right to be able to carry," said Rachals.

Sheriff Rachals says that does cause concern for officers in certain situations.

"You know it is that second amendment where we stand behind, but it is an issue when you are doing an investigation, but as long as you cover yourself doing an investigation you're alright to check them out," said Rachals.

The sheriff doesn't expect people to bring guns to football games, but he says security is tight and his deputies are there to make sure everyone is safe.

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