Neglected 'Miracle' puppy on road to recovery

Neglected 'Miracle' puppy on road to recovery
Dr. Jay Barrett
Dr. Jay Barrett
Lorraine Conklin
Lorraine Conklin

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Cheesecake.

Not usually what comes to mind when you think of doggie treats.

But Androcles Society Director Lorraine Conklin swears the treat gives dogs the will to live.

Conklin said, "I have 16 dogs. They're all rescued with special needs. And they all have cheesecake.  It's my routine.  So they get a special treat."

You can see that cheesecake seems to be working.

Miracle looked much happier than she did on Thursday when two women searched for and rescued her near a dirt road in Seminole County after seeing her picture on Facebook.

Conklin said, “She got food. She understood that she matters, and psychologically it'll boost you're morale.”

Miracle needs that strength because she's got a long road to recovery.

Dr. Jay Barrett at Clanton-Malphus-Hodges Veterinary Hospital discovered the dog was anemic and had multiple skin infections.\

But she's making progress.

Dr. Barrett said, “She had several types of intestinal parasites, and those have already been treated.”

Conklin said she hopes Miracle's story will send a message.

Conklin said, “She is an example of what happens to those dogs when nobody cares.  But there are a lot of dogs like her who are in some places where nobody is doing anything for them. And this is time to just say, 'That is not acceptable. Let's step up to the plate and let's do the work.'"

Conklin will take Miracle home with her on Monday.

You can send a donation to help with Miracle's medical treatment to Clanton-Malphus-Hodge Veterinary Hospital.

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