Escaped prisoner was high when he took road machine

Escaped prisoner was high when he took road machine

TERRELL CO., GA (WALB) - Authorities say Terrell County Correctional Institute prisoner Timothy Gee was high on meth when he drove off on a motor grader Thursday afternoon. When it got stuck in a creek, he took off on foot.

Timothy Gee was captured in Randolph County Friday morning, but it took officials a while to find the piece of road equipment he hijacked.

Crews use heavy equipment to free a motor grader stuck in the mud. Randolph County deputies discovered it late this morning after following tracks through thick vegetation, hours after Timothy Gee was caught.

"What he did is he drove about a half a mile down through the woods. The Randolph County Sheriff's Deputies saw where he had drove it and they kind of followed it by foot down to where it's at. Luckily it's only about 30 yards off of the road in the woods, even though we can't see it," said Terrell County Prison Warden Billy McClung.

Terrell County Sheriffs deputies say 52-year-old Timothy Gee, an inmate at the Terrell County Correctional Institute, was operating the grader when he drove off from work detail Thursday afternoon. Gee told authorities he was high on meth and didn't want to get caught.

"He did state that somebody gave him some bad meth," said Terrell County Sheriff John Bowens. "So I don't know how you distinguish the good meth between bad meth, because in my opinion all of it's bad."

Randolph County deputies found Gee walking on highway 41 around 8:30 this morning, but he couldn't remember where he left the motor grader.

"He claimed that when he got stuck it was after dark and he got off the motor grader and started walking. And the darkness maybe turned him around," Bowens said.

Crews had to use a bulldozer to clear the vegetation so they pull the grader out of the mud.

"I know it is damaged some. I'm hoping it's just superficial. It's really muddy right now and it's got some dents and dings. I'm hoping that's all. We're keeping our fingers crossed," McClung said.

Officials say they're not exactly sure where Gee got the meth. He now faces charges of escape and theft by taking a motor grader. US Marshals took him to Lee State Prison.

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