Run from cops, pay the price

Run from cops, pay the price
Maj. Bill Berry
Maj. Bill Berry
DA Greg Edwards
DA Greg Edwards

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Drug agents say suspected drug dealers seem more willing to speed away from officers. The Dougherty District Attorney says he will seek the strictest penalties possible for suspects who run from the cops.

Drug agents say suspects are getting bolder and more willing to take off, when a police officer pulls them over. The D.A. says he wants to stop it.

Dashcam video from May 28th shows an Albany Dougherty Drug Unit officer pulling over this Honda on Gillespie Avenue. The driver speeds off dangerously. A.D.D.U. Officials say they are seeing this much too often.

"It just seems that it is getting more and more where people just want to see if they can outrun us," Drug Commander Major Bill Berry said.

While talking to commanders, the officer chased the suspect, reaching speeds of 60 miles per hour. Even in the rain, the suspect runs through several intersections without stopping. The officer stops at the stop signs, and with the suspect reaching speeds of 65 miles per hour, the officer slows down. No longer pursuing but continues to follow the suspect.

The District Attorney says his office will do all they can to stop these dangerous situations.

"This is one of those situations again. Where there was a chase and a gun. And it's the state's intention to fully prosecute this individual to the fullest extent," Dougherty D.A. Greg Edwards said.

The suspect jumped out of the car on Edgerly Avenue and ran. Agents followed, picking up evidence he was throwing down.

"We found just under a pound of marijuana, a 9 millimeter Uzi, and about 5 grams of Meth. Some scales and baggies in the car," Berry said.

Officers later arrested Johnny Moreland, Junior. Wednesday he was indicted for 17 counts of drug and gun possession, and several traffic counts. Drug agents say Moreland was just lucky he did not hurt anyone, but in the end his high speed, reckless driving made no difference.

"He did outrun us, but we still caught him. And he is still going to jail," Berry said.

And the D.A. is sending the message through the Moreland indictment that high speed escape attempts will come at a high price.

Edwards says he will also seek the highest bond possible for suspects that endanger the public with what he calls the big three charges- drugs, guns, and running from the cops at high speed.

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