Missing motor grader recovered

Missing motor grader recovered

TERRELL CO., GA (WALB) - The man who escaped from a work detail in Terrell County, and wound up in Randolph County was easier to find than the expensive piece of heavy equipment he was operating.

But the search paid off, when authorities found the Caterpillar motor grader stuck in the woods in near Brooksville, on the Randolph-Terrell County line.

Officials say Timothy Gee, the inmate who was operating the machine, and who escaped Thursday, was high on meth, and didn't want to get caught high, so he ran off and just drove the machine through the woods.

How a man who was incarcerated got the meth, we don't know at this time.

The equipment was found around 11:15 this morning. They suspect there's some damage, and crews are getting ready to use other equipment to get the grader out.

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