Video of Moultrie teen street fight leads to multiple arrests

Video of Moultrie teen street fight leads to multiple arrests

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - Video of a street fight in Moultrie has multiple people in trouble with the law.

The two teenagers involved in the fight were arrested and so were some of the adults for not stepping in.

Moultrie Police investigators are appalled by the actions of the people seen in the video. And now the participants are charged for their actions.

The video shows two teen girls fighting at the intersection of 4th Avenue Northwest and 7th Street Northwest Friday, September 18. A concerned citizen saw the video posted on Facebook and contacted Moultrie Police Wednesday.

"This is something that we are not going to tolerate in our community, it's unacceptable, it should have never happened," said William Baillargeon.

You can see several adults in the video, as the two girls continue to fight. One person attempts to intervene, but is pushed back by one of the adults. Investigator Baillargeon says these actions are disturbing.

"All of these adults are on scene, they are seeing this happened and no one is taking any action to intervene or stop these two from fighting," said Baillargeon.

The video has been shared on Facebook and investigators believe the fight started from the teens bad mouthing one another. A mother who lives in the area says she tries to keep her son away from violence.

"He already knows what violence is, and if I was to see my baby fight, I'm going to pull them apart. When you let the children see that violence and get carried on like that and you don't stop them, it's even worse because it proceeds from there," said concerned mother.

A total of 6 arrest warrants were issued for those in the video.

"There's quite a bit of children around. We've identified four of the adults that are seen in that video," said Baillargeon.

One of those arrested and released from the Colquitt County Jail is Teresia Anderson. She is seen wearing the green scrubs and is the mother of one of the girls involved in the fight. The girls, both under 16 are charged with Affray (fighting).

The adults Teresia Anderson, Robert Waldon, Shelia Waldon and including the man who shot and posted the video, Bruce Bishop, are charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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