Investing in security is vital

Investing in security is vital
Sabreen Saleh, Oasis Manager
Sabreen Saleh, Oasis Manager
Corey Lee, Central Monitoring Administrative Trainer
Corey Lee, Central Monitoring Administrative Trainer

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Woodall's is one of many convenience stores in Albany to invest in a quality surveillance system. Managers of stores that are often targeted by criminals and a company that tries to protect them say investing in security is vital.

When law enforcement officers are trying to catch a gunman they often rely on high tech security cameras to identify the crook.

"You gotta have the surveillance, you gotta have it these days," said Sabreen Saleh, Oasis Manager. "It's very important."

Managers at Oasis on South Slappey Boulevard invested hundreds of dollars into their sixteen camera security system, watching their customers' every move both in and out of the store.

"It helps a lot, and it has helped a lot," said Saleh. "The main reason we have it is for customer safety, for any kind of robbery."

Central Monitoring officials demonstrate a multi-camera security system with zoom and tilt technology. They say security surveillance systems are more affordable now than in the past.

"We've got anything that will fit your budget," said Corey Lee, Central Monitoring Administrative Trainer.

With that affordability comes great quality.

"I mean if you've got that you can find them and get a license plate, a face, anything like that law enforcement can print it out and then they're that far ahead in the case now," said Lee.

You can check surveillance through your alarm system

"These are actually wireless cameras you would actually just go and plug in anywhere in your home you want too," said Lee.

You can also secure your home or business through your phone when you're not there.

Security systems are an investment, but it's an investment that will provide you security and a peace of mind.

Now if you would like to try out some of those cool security gadgets that Central Monitoring has, they'll have a ribbon cutting on October 9th for their new demonstration room.

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