Video may help catch armed robber

Video may help catch armed robber

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Police are searching for an armed robber, and they hope surveillance video of the incident will help someone recognize the criminal.

They say a man dressed in black and wearing a Halloween mask, and carrying a Halloween bag, ran into the Dixie Food Mart at 1400 East Broad Avenue about 8:00 Wednesday night.

City commissioners and police say they have to protect stores that are targets of repeated crimes.

Just last month burglars broke down the back wall of the Dixie Food Mart. now a violent armed robber invades the store. Government leaders say this is a real safety concern.

No one was hurt, but the owner worries that repeated crimes will have his insurance company drop him, forcing him to close. City leaders are also concerned.

Albany City Commissioner Jon Howard said, "One time is too many. But you know it's going to have a profound impact whether he stays or whether he goes, because of the insurance rates."

Fortunately no one was hurt. Police say they are working with business owners to share more information about crimes and suspicious people.

Albany Police Deputy Chief Mark Scott said, "It's very rare for somebody to walk into a store cold, never having been there, and rob it. We find a lot of times they have been there. Maybe they've been to stores in the area."

City leaders say these same stores being targeted by criminals repeatedly has them worried about community safety.

Howard said "For these individuals to continue to hit these stores, not isolated areas, but in certain areas of the community, it's certainly throw that red flag up, who will be next?"

The robber wore red basketball shoes with a white stripe. Police are asking you to look at this video and see if you can identify him.

The store owner says his clerks were shaken, but as far as he knows they will return to work. If you have any information about this armed robbery, call CRIME STOPPERS at 436-TIPS. You could earn a reward up to one thousand dollars.

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