Ben Hill Co. Sheriff's Office adds new armored vehicle

Ben Hill Co. Sheriff's Office adds new armored vehicle

BEN HILL CO., GA (WALB) - Despite recent criticism that too many law enforcement agencies across the country have too much military-style equipment, a south Georgia sheriff is proud of his new armored vehicle.

The Ben Hill County Sheriff's Office has a new Special Response Team vehicle that the sheriff says will be helpful in various dangerous situations.

The new Special Response Team armored vehicle at the Ben Hill County Sheriff's Office is designed to help deputies in active shooter situations.

"We got a lot of crazies out here that like to shoot at police and law enforcement," said Sheriff Bobby McLemore.

The vehicle can transport up to 12 deputies inside and is completely bullet proof.

"Including all glass on it and all sides is half inch steel. It will stop a 36 aught bullet," said Sheriff McLemore.

The tires are also something special. Sheriff McLemore says a 56 caliber round won't even flatten the tires.

But the vehicle's features go further.

"You [can] drive right inside the house with this one if you want to," said McLemore.

He says his agency received the vehicle from the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office. Now Ben Hill County is taking the vehicle for use, just in case.

"I hope we don't have a situation where we are going to need it, but the criminals today are well armed," said McLemore.

The Sheriff wants to start a Multi-agency response team that will use the vehicle, including all law enforcement agencies from Ben Hill and Irwin County.

The vehicle still needs a few more renovations. The Sheriff hopes to debut the vehicle in another month.

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