New irrigation rules coming for farmers

New irrigation rules coming for farmers

CAMILLA, GA (WALB) - Leaders from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division met with farmers, environmentalists and other concerned citizens in south Georgia Tuesday night to get input on new rules to protect the Flint River.

The EPD is developing specific regulations after the General Assembly passed the Flint River Drought Protection Act this year. They held their only official hearing on the rules tonight in Camilla.

EPD Assistant Branch Chief Gail Cowie said, "What we really want to do is we want to hear from people that will be affected by these rules. They're proposed right now, so we're asking for some feedback on the rules before they go on to the Board of Natural Resources for a final decision, so we'd like to hear from them about what they think works and what doesn't work."

The proposed rules would limit the amount of water farmers could take from the Flint River for irrigation during times of drought.

They would also implement new irrigation efficiency requirements and offer farmers help to meet those new standards.

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