Man caught on camera stealing lawn mower from Southern Tractor

Man caught on camera stealing lawn mower from Southern Tractor

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - Caught on camera, a man stealing a lawn mower from a Moultrie business.

Now, Moultrie Police are asking for your help to find the crook.

Moultrie Police say they are having a hard time identifying the man who drove a lawn mower right away from Southern Tractor.

In the video, you can see an unidentified man walking on to Southern Tractor's property. He sits down on a lawn mower in the front of the store and after several minutes, drives off.

"I'm pretty sure he had been here before and surveyed what he was going to do," said Mike Horne, co-owner/manager.

The man stole the 60 inch deck Kubota Lawn mower around 9 p.m. Sunday, September 14. He was seen driving off towards Veterans Parkway, a busy four lane highway.

"Had to have been several cars that came by here and saw that individual driving on the side of the road for about 1/8 or quarter of a mile," said Horne.

The video doesn't show what was waiting outside the entrance of the property.

"Tire marks on the side of the road, where an individual pulled of the side appeared to be a truck and trailer, where the person loaded the mower onto the trailer," said Inv David Jones.

Investigators say no keys were left in the mower and the suspect used a universal key to start the engine. The owner says it was a demo mower that sat in this spot when it was stolen.

"It actually hadn't been cable locked for some time. We discovered it wasn't locked after the fact," said Horne.

Southern Tractor is hoping someone recognizes the man in the video.

"We like to have it back and see the individual caught and incarcerated," said Horne. Moultrie Police investigators say they have very few leads at this time.

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