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Simulator shows students dangers of texting and driving

Holly Wright Holly Wright
Brianna Marshall Brianna Marshall
Alisha Raynor Alisha Raynor

Some Valdosta State University students are now much more aware of the dangers of texting and driving.

Students tested out a texting and driving simulator on campus Tuesday, hoping to prove that they were as good at texting and driving as they thought they were.

"The students actually get in the car, they put on the virtual reality headset; it looks like a video game. They're told to text, they're told to send a certain text while they're driving," explained Holly Wright, counselor and health educator at VSU.

Brianna Marshall found out that texting while driving isn't as easy or as safe as she first thought. "It was really hard to turn, and you can get very distracted very easily and run off the road," Marshall admitted.

Alisha Raynor did slightly better than Brianna, but she still came away with a greater awareness of just how dangerous texting and driving is.

"For you, when you were doing the simulation, was it harder than you thought or easier than you thought," Raynor was asked. "It was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. Mostly because, if you're trying to text while you're driving and steer at the same time, you can't," Raynor responded.

Many of the students who tried out the simulator crashed at least once. We're definitely looking at [the students] coming away with a good understanding of, yes, they have text and drove in the past, but hopefully they won't do it anymore because they're not as good as they think they are," said Wright.

Students were encouraged to sign their name in a "pledge book" after testing out the simulator, pledging that they would not text and drive.

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