Attempted burglary assures owner time to close Albany store

Attempted burglary assures owner time to close Albany store

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany Police catch a burglar in the act, but the victim says the crime proves why his decision to shut down his longtime business is the right move.

Jerry Doyal's party supply business has been in the same spot on West Oglethorpe for almost 64 years.  In the last three months he has been robbed at gunpoint and burglarized.  Those are big reasons he is shutting the doors.

erry Doyal has his front door glass replaced, right by the 50 percent off sale sign.  Doyal is cleaning out, preparing to lock that door for good.

Doyal said "The hand writing is on the wall. Economics plus problems like this has convinced me that it's time for me to get out."

About 2:30 Tuesday morning someone pulled his power meter out to cut the electricity to Doyal's Party Supply, then broke the front door glass to get inside.  But alert police officers heard the banging and spotted the burglar before he could even get inside.

Doyal said "I was told he had a 9 millimeter pistol that he threw down and ran off.  And some other officers caught him."

Police arrested 26 year old Octavious Bell, and confirm a loaded pistol was found by the business front door. Jerry Doyal was robbed at gunpoint in late June,  The gunman fired a shot from his rifle into the ceiling.  Doyle announced then that he would close his doors later this year, saying that he did not feel his family was safe in the business anymore. This burglary reassures him he is making the wise decision.

Doyal said "It's a little big scary at times. So the end of our time here is just a couple of months away.  So I won't have to worry about it much longer."

Doyal said Albany Police have done a good job, arresting and charging people in both the robbery and now Tuesday's burglary, but he still says crime is one of the reasons he will close his doors for good before the end of the year.

Nothing was stolen in the burglary, but Jerry Doyal says it will cost him about $500  to repair the damage done. 

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