Crisp Co. makes drug bust within another investigation

Crisp Co. makes drug bust within another investigation

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - Law enforcement in Crisp County serving an arrest warrant for a previous investigation wind up making an even larger drug bust.

Agents from the Mid-South Narcotics Task Force went to arrest 35-year-old Kelvin Daniels and seized over $700 and one pound of marijuana in the process.

This bust as well as another on Saturday come in the middle of two unrelated murder investigations. Sheriff Billy Hancock is proud of his deputies' ability to work while that is going on.

Cash, scales, and marijuana are now off of south Georgia roads after diligent work from Crisp County deputies and Mid-South Narcotics task force agents.

"Even though we have had two tragedies and some large scale investigations going on, they continue to do their everyday job. And that is keeping our community safe," said Sheriff Billy Hancock.

Kelvin Daniels was wanted after a July raid of his house found over a pound of marijuana and a handgun.

"Not only did they find him but they found an additional pound of marijuana, scales, baggies. So we were able to make another arrest involving drugs on our streets," said Hancock.

29-year old Carjeffrey Jones was with Daniels and now sits in the Crisp County jail.

Getting these drugs off the street helps the fight against other crimes as well. "Drugs leads to other crimes. They lead to burglaries; they lead to thefts; they lead to violent crimes of armed robbery. So, when you take that demand away, you in essence slow down or stop those other crimes," said Hancock.

Both Jones and Daniels are charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute. Daniels faces weapons and additional drug charges stemming from the previous search.

Hancock does not believe these guys are related to either homicide, but says they ask any criminals found with drugs and guns what they might know.

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