Crisp Sheriff to receive new radio system

Crisp Sheriff to receive new radio system

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - Crisp Co. Sheriff Bill Hancock says that with ever changing technology in the field of law enforcement his department has to keep up.

He said that recent changes to digital radio systems have made it difficult to communicate between counties to their North and South.

The Sheriff's Office received a Homeland Security Grant to cover the $12,000 cost of a system upgrade, so Crisp County's analog radio system can communicate with surrounding systems.

"Although it is not a lot of money, in the big picture, it is money local citizens will not be burdened with as we continue to keep the citizens of Crisp County Safe," he said.

The new abilities to communicate with Turner and Dooly Counties increases officers' safety as well.

"Not only is it about us being able to get the information out, but it's also about safety. It's a very key factor in officer safety whenever you can communicate from one community to another," said Hancock.

Hancock said he is thankful that Georgia Emergency Management Director Charlie English agreed with his request and that Governor Nathan Deal approved the funding.

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